Watch Battery SR1120N 391/381 SR1120W

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Sony Watch Battery SR1120 381 391

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  • Diameter 11.6 mm
  • Height 2.05 mm
  • Capacity 60.0 mAh
  • Mass 0.92 g
  • Best before 12-2017

Sony Watch Battery SR1120W/391

  • Sony innovates with advanced environmental developments, the Mercury Free technology for Silver Oxide batteries, while keeping the same levels of performance.
  • Excellent leakage resistance
  • High energy density thanks to the Sonys original high-precision material-mixing technology.
  • The use of antioxidant, high performance separators, contributes to improve storage characteristics.
  • Excellent stable discharge characteristics: constant voltage output is available during the discharging.
  • A comprehensive product line-up: a complete range of ultra-compact batteries are available to meet various needs.
  • Applications: Electric watches/clocks, Calculators, Electronic clinical thermometers, Portable games
  • Capacity 45 mAh.
  • Diameter Ø 11,6 mm.
  • Height 2,05 mm.
  • Voltage 1,55V
  • Sonys product code: SR1120N-PB
  • Mass: 0,92 g
  • Producer: Sony
More Information
Name Watch Battery SR1120N 391/381 SR1120W
Price €1.67
Brand Sony
Battery Type Button cell battery
Best Before 07-2018
Capacity mAh 60
Output Voltage 1.55 V
Diametr of Case (mm) 11.6 mm
Height (mm) 2.05 mm
IEC Name SR55
Manufacturer Sony Energy Devices Corporation
Country of Manufacture Japan
EAN Code 4901660111760
Shape Coin Shape
Model no. SR1120N-PB
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